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Affordable Intranet Pricing Options to Suit Your Needs

365appz Intranet is a ‘Ready-to-Go’ intranet solution that gets deployed quickly with lower costs. This is an Easy-to-Use intranet solution with minimal or no user training. This ‘budget-saver’ 365appz intranet comes with a wide range of advantages, which are mentioned below:

  • Feature Rich – 365appz offers the capabilities that many businesses need, without the hassles of building and customizing an intranet platform.
  • High Speed Deployment - Instead of spending 4-6 months in building an intranet, you will find that 365appz intranet can be ready-to-go in hours or just a few days.
  • No Maintenance - It prevents you to sink lots of capital into your intranet as there is no maintenance cost, allowing your business to be able to enjoy long-term savings
  • Outsource Innovation – 365appz Intranet receives on-going maintenance and regular updates and doesn’t become outdated with the technology advancements happening.

We offer multiple plans to suit your needs. Choose the plan that works the best for your business!

Fill the form provided on this page and we will contact you shortly with the best and realistic quotation as per your number of users and specific requirements.

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