SharePoint Image Gallery Add-in

Image Gallery

allows you to display images with captions. Multiple display styles are available. Images can be zoomed in upon mouse over.

Image Links

allows you to create links on pages using a Image. Multiple display styles are available. You can upload your own Images.

SharePoint Image Slider Add-in

Image Slider

allows you to display in slider format. Allows you to provide image caption and description. Maximum 10 images allowed.

Spotlight Solution

allows you to promote specific content from the site as a spotlight item.

SharePoint Spotlight Add-in
SharePoint Icon Links Add-in

Icon Links

allows you to create links on pages using a iconic style. You can upload your own icons. Size for each icon should be 100px X 100px.


Mobile Ready

Add-ins are are fully responsive. Plus, we’ve worked through all screen sizes to guarantee that mobile users can see content well regardless of screen size, from phone to tablet and desktop.

Multi Formats

We knew it can be important to end-user to showcase same content in different ways, depending type of presentation.

Easy to configure

Add-ins has very simple wizard based interface to add, edit or reorder content.


Same add-in can used multiple times on same page or across any site within site collection. No additional configuration required.

Browser Support

Compatible with IE9 & above and latest version of Google Chrome.

Inbuilt Help

Add-ins come with inbuilt help section which guides end-user to manage content and behaviour.